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Rules for #algos on freenode

  • Language
    Please speak English, and quote other languages if you don't know the word, for example ' I am "entwickeln" a kernel ' ( entwickeln ( GER ) = developing ). Don't speak so-called 31337 ( eleet, elite ) because we are more serious then people of 1983 Bulletin Boards and we don't trade "warez" and so on.
  • Etiquette
    Be polite to everybody, and follow the mostly unwritten rules of discussing things, e.g. put "I think" before sentences if you are unsure what you say and so on.
  • Flooding
    "Flooding", so for example pasting logs or saying nonsense very quickly ( e.g. "go to #bla, we're better" ) is *not* wanted. You get kicked and maybe banned from the channel.
  • Automatic stuff
    Auto-away, Auto-rejoin: Disable it all, please.
  • Emoticons
    So-called Emoticons, like ' :) ' and so on are allowed as they give the others a hint of your mood. Written language can be misunderstood heavily, so this may lead to a better understanding.
  • Private messages
    Please do not query or /msg us except it is explicitly wanted. 2 reasons: Firstly the channels are about computer science related to Computer algorithms and the practical implementation and so all questions/sentences are in the public interest, secondly most people hate it in General.
  • Op-begging
    Please don't beg for OP, e.g. "Can I have op ?" !!
  • No Software-Warz
    Many people think its interesting to answer sth like "yeah, if you use XXX you don't have such problems!".. Nice to know, but nobody wants to hear it. I like all free and OpenSource Operating Systems and I love that there are so many programms, ways and languages... So please: "NO SOFTWARE-WARZ!" , thx.
  • Quoting
    So called quoting, so saving funny statements of one or more persons in the channel is generally allowed as long as the person don't say something against this. However, making Personal Data public is generally forbidden by the law of most states, so this is not included in this paragraph.
  • Off-Topic
    Please, do not deviate too much from programming, algorithm and computer science. Examples for Off-Topic-discussion: Is god better then shiva, or Is Gentoo Linux better then Debian Linux. If anybody in the channel says that the discussion is off-topic, go over to Private Messages or go to a channel which topic is related to your discussion.

With kind regards,
Sascha "lantis" Retzki, speaking for the team

23 May 2004
20 May 2004
  • Paste-bin is now ready. #algos PasteBin v0.1a.. Please test and report bugs to ops at #algos.
  • New link to a website listing some algorithm implementations in C added to algorithms section on Quick Links

08 May 2004
  • algos is now v0.3a.
    See ChangeLog
  • algosatfreenode ported to PHP from static HTML
  • SidePanel changed after discussion at #algos. Now shows helpful Quick Links
  • algosatfreenode is now HTML 4.01 Transitional compliant

07 May 2004
  • got a new look!

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