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Example Projects and Code

  • NetGeiger
    NetGeiger is a program that outputs a Geiger-like click if a Packet reaches the local-host. It uses the Packet-filter device for it, and currently just supports the BPF. Tested on FreeBSD. Currently using OSS as sound-output method.

    % cvs login
    Password: [No Password]
    % cvs checkout netgeiger

With kind regards,
Sascha "lantis" Retzki, speaking for the team

23 May 2004
20 May 2004
  • Paste-bin is now ready. #algos PasteBin v0.1a.. Please test and report bugs to ops at #algos.
  • New link to a website listing some algorithm implementations in C added to algorithms section on Quick Links

08 May 2004
  • algos is now v0.3a.
    See ChangeLog
  • algosatfreenode ported to PHP from static HTML
  • SidePanel changed after discussion at #algos. Now shows helpful Quick Links
  • algosatfreenode is now HTML 4.01 Transitional compliant

07 May 2004
  • got a new look!

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