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What Are We?

We are an online algorithm and programming development community. Algos started off and is still majorly contained in #algos on freenode (

The channel encompasses the spirit of the community, dedication to algorithm research and forming a like minded community to promote the development of the same.

#algos was originally founded by Anubhav Kushwaha (iolotusbobo), Sascha Retzki (lantis) and (amphi). Currently it has several operators, moderators and members.

Come Join #algos @ freenode : Our Algorithm and Programming Discussion Channel

Why using IRC and not Forums ?

The answer is pretty simple, and indicates the reason why we may be a "better" way or a very competitive alternative -- While forums or mailling lists can offer a rather slow but high-available solution, IRC is "instant development" - You join the channel and chat with other programmers, mathematicians and participants about your design, your implementation, about goals and howto archive them via algorithms or how to implement algorithms "on-the-fly", so without any loss of time. The fundamental idea of #algos was not to provide yet-another forum, but offer a new way of information exchange, a faster one. To improve our all knowledge about algorithms.


23 May 2004
20 May 2004
  • Paste-bin is now ready. #algos PasteBin v0.1a.. Please test and report bugs to ops at #algos.
  • New link to a website listing some algorithm implementations in C added to algorithms section on Quick Links

08 May 2004
  • algos is now v0.3a.
    See ChangeLog
  • algosatfreenode ported to PHP from static HTML
  • SidePanel changed after discussion at #algos. Now shows helpful Quick Links
  • algosatfreenode is now HTML 4.01 Transitional compliant

07 May 2004
  • got a new look!

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